Pay No Attention to the Woman Behind the Curtain.

Hillary Wearing Anti-Seizure Glasses.
Hillary Wearing Anti-Seizure Glasses.

The information is easily available, the glasses, which are available in Europe (no problem for most people, let alone one of the most powerful “people” in the world) have been proven to decrease the frequency and severity of seizures exacerbated by photo-sensitivity.

The same glasses employed by the Clinton campaign?
The same glasses employed by the Clinton campaign?

In 2006, a study was done in Italy proving the efficacy of the blue lenses in preventing seizures. The study found that the Z1 lens is highly effective in controlling PPR in a very large number (610) of photosensitive epilepsy patients irrespective of their epilepsy or antiepileptic drug treatment..

In this video, her handler (believed to be a medical professional) comes right to her when she freezes, telling her to “keep talking”.

He then directs her secret service detail back to their observation posts when he appears to inform them she can continue.

He also appears to be carrying an auto-injector believed to contain Diazepam, an anti-seizure medication.

According to, the so-called mainstream media is pounding the pavement, and advancing the narrative that you are sexist if you question her health or whether or not she’s “powering through” (a phrase no doubt concocted by the campaign to illicit the politically correct shame that they hope can influence people into voting for her).

The Clinton campaign is playing the game by the old rules. Saying different things to different groups to gain their votes, approval, and endorsements. They are seemingly unable to accept the fact that we ALWAYS have cameras and can disseminate these reports, around the WORLD in literal seconds.  

The old method clearly not working anymore is evidenced by the populist insurrection in both the Republican and Democrat parties.  Donald Trump is the Republican nominee because his opponents (and the establishment threw a record number of seemingly qualified opponents at him) could not reconcile the fact that things were going to be different now.

Ted Cruz came close because the bankers and oligarchs were propping up his campaign. With his wife being an investment manager at Goldman/Sachs (a  company largely responsible for numerous financial crises) he was selected by the oligarchy to be an obedient little robo-pen.

When confronted by Trump supporters in Ohio, all he could do was try to repeat his talking points and smile. What kind of psychopath can just smile when someone is calling them a piece of garbage?

He was intransigent when it came to dropping out, he kept on trucking along waiting for a contested convention. Was he told he was going to be the next president of the United States? 

The Democrat party on the other hand, with Frizzy Waserman-Schultz, snubbed their entire electorate, who overwhelmingly wanted Bernie Sanders, but due to so-called “superdelegates” (who are evidently more important than the common man), Closed primaries, and bald faced theft,  gifted the nomination to her with manipulated numbers as proof. 

They deny and lie, they talk in circles, and out of both sides of their mouths without ever really saying anything. This is an old politicians trick to keep their offices and retain power for the globalists. Remember Arlen Specter? The Pennsylvania Senator who switched parties more than once in order to be re-elected. He denied it and demanded an apology from political rival Joe Sestak; however, we had video of him saying it.

So reminiscent of an old “Dharma and Greg” episode in which Dharma lies to numerous groups of people in order to get elected and falls deathly ill. It turns out that the strain was more than Hillary could bear. After DECADES of running the same play her body can’t handle the stress of being caught and is giving out on her. 



Globalist scum unite…The former progressive puppet er…”Republican” Secretary of State who supports Granny Clinton (His only objections seem to be about her health and age), talks about her launching a “story line”…

Is that the pneumonia?  The powering through? The ability to make desicions?

Via Infowars

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell and major Democratic donor Jeffrey Leeds worryingly discussed Hillary Clinton’s health in March of last year, hacked emails show.

The email exchange, provided to several journalists by D.C. Leaks, a website with ties to Guccifer 2.0, reveals how Clinton’s health has been a topic of discussion among political heavyweights for some time.